No 4 (2017)

Music Scholarship / Problemy Muzykal'noj Nauki


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Table of Contents

Commemorating Anniversaries

Commemorating the Anniversaries! PDF (Russian)
Liudmila N. Shaymukhametova, Alexander I. Demchenko, Evgeny B. Trembovelsky 6

Music of the 20th Century

The First of the Composers of the 1960s. Towards the 85th Birthday of Rodion Shchedrin PDF (Russian)
Alexander I. Demchenko 7-15
Vocal Timbral Patterns in Mauricio Kagel’s Choral Compositions from 1958–1982 PDF (Russian)
Alexander S. Ryzhinsky 16-26
Fritz Heinrich Klein and the Idea of Integral Serialism PDF (Russian)
Ekaterina G. Okuneva 27-37
Ernst Krenek on the Path Towards Serial Composition PDF (Russian)
Darya E. Krapivina 38-43

International Division

New Trends in Contemporary Music: an Interview with Karmella Tsepkolenko PDF
Anton А. Rovner 44-48
Research Works in Contemporary Music in the Musicological School of Valentina Kholopova PDF
Olga V. Komarnitskaya 49-69
Igor Stravinsky’s Symphonic Poem “The Song of the Nightingale” PDF
Alexander I. Demchenko 70-77
Tonality: the Semantic Aspect PDF
Liudmila P. Kazantseva 78-83
Sonatina Op. 49 (1950–1951), Revised as Sonata Op. 49b (1978) Composed by Mieczyslaw Weinberg PDF
Allison Brewster Franzetti 84-92
The New Obikhod of the 20th Century: Compilations of Monastic Liturgical Music of the Late 20th Century PDF
Oksana E. Sheludyakova 93-99
Concerning the History of Education of Music Theorists and Composers in the First Russian Conservatories PDF
Elena E. Polotskaya 100-107
Images of Instrumental Duets in the Musical Texts of Haydn’s Keyboard Sonatas and Their Implementation by Means of the Modern Piano PDF
Amina I. Asfandyarova 108-114
Franz Schubert and French Opera: Concerning the Problem of “The Native and the Foreign” in the Austrian Musical Theater of the First Third of the 19th Century PDF
Nina V. Pilipenko 115-121
Henry Irving: Outstanding 19th Century British Actor. Concerning the Issue of the Genre of the Stage PDF
Alina B. Fatyanova 122-127

The Creative Worlds of Musical Compositions

“The Old Castle” by Mussorgsky in the Context of Analogies and Parallels PDF (Russian)
Evgeny B. Trembovelsky 128-135
On the Interpretation of the Concept of “Children’s Music” in Russian Musicology PDF (Russian)
Alexander A. Ermakov 136-142

Area Studies in Music

The Role of Pavel Ivanov-Radkevich in Forming the Cultural Space of Krasnoyarsk in the Late 19th and Early 20th Centuries PDF (Russian)
Lilia R. Stroy, Evgenia S. Tsaryova 143-150
About Studying the Musical Past of Bashkiria: a Historical Overview PDF (Russian)
Elena K. Karpova 151-158

Musical Theater

Russian Ballet Music from the Last Quarter of the 19th Century to the Beginning of the 20th Century: from Tchaikovsky to Stravinsky PDF (Russian)
Anna V. Galyatina 159-164

Musical Genre and Style

The Style-Generating Role of Texture in the Music of Robert Schumann (on the Example of his Piano Compositions) PDF (Russian)
Tatiana G. Goncharenko 165-174
Rodion Shchedrin’s Concertos for Orchestra: Concerning the Problem of Interpretation of the Genre PDF (Russian)
Evgeny N. Zavyalov 175-182