No 1 (2017)

Music Scholarship / Problemy Muzykal'noj Nauki


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Table of Contents

Russian Music History

The Musical Realities of the “Small Court” and the Operatic Legacy of Dmitri Bortnyansky PDF (Russian)
Irina V. Polozova 6-13
Prayers for the Tsar and the Army in the Texts of the Ceremony of the “Grace Cup” of the Late 17th and Early 18th Centuries PDF (Russian)
Vera N. Dyomina 14-19

Musical Cultures of Russia

The Structure and the Music of the Circassian (Adyghes) Funeral Rite “Psyheg’e” (“Lamentation under Water”) PDF (Russian)
Angela V. Gucheva, Farizat Kh. Guliyeva (Zanukoyeva) 20-26

Music in the System of Culture

The Phonosphere of the Metropolis as a Phenomenon of Sound Synthesis: Concerning the Issue of Ecology of the Audio Environment PDF (Russian)
Alexandra V. Krylova 27-32
The Modal Foundations of Classicism in the Context of the World Perception of the 18th Century PDF (Russian)
Galina V. Rybintseva 33-38
Concerning the Issue of Studying the Systemic Traits of the Category of Space in Music PDF (Russian)
Svetlana A. Mozgot 39-45
Feminism and Music. A Discourse on the Feminine Nature in the “New Musicology” PDF (Russian)
Vladimir S. Orlov 46-51

History of Western Music

Concert Life and Musical Entertainment in Vienna in the Second Half of the 18th Century PDF (Russian)
Alexandra A. Shakiryanova 52-60

International Division

The Migrating Intonational Formula as a Phenomenon of Musical Thinking PDF
Liudmila N. Shaymukhametova 61-73
The Conception of Georg Friedrich Handel’s Worldview in the Context of his Oratorios PDF
Grigory R. Konson 74-87
Juhani Nuorvala and Microtonal Music: Interview with a Composer from Finland PDF
The Main Aspects of Giuseppe Tartini’s Influence on the Violin Sonatas by Ivan Khandoshkin PDF
Marat R. Gabdullin 92-98
A Discourse on the Nature of Women in Musicology PDF
Vladimir S. Orlov 99-105


The Collective Opera-Ballet “Mlada” (1872): the First Performance PDF (Russian)
Anna V. Bulychyova 106-110

The Creative Worlds of Musical Compositions

The Themes of Destiny and Providence in Piotr Tchaikovsky’s “Iolanta” PDF (Russian)
Antonina L. Makarova 111-120
A Vocal Cycle for Mezzo-Soprano, Bassoon and Piano “The Fragments” by Elisavieta Panchecko Set to Poems by Anna Akhmatova PDF (Russian)
Ekaterina V. Ivanova, Maksim A. Kharin 121-127

Area Studies in Music

In the Language of Half-Truth: the Musical-Theatrical Scene of Khabarovsk in the 1930s as a Platform of Anti-Religious Propaganda PDF (Russian)
Svetlana S. Syrvacheva 128-136

Musical Education

The Project of Instruction of General Disciplines at a Musical Institution for Higher Education PDF (Russian)
Alexander I. Demchenko 137-142

Dissertational Committees

The Tenth Anniversary. About the Work of the Dissertation Committee of the Saratov Conservatory PDF (Russian)
Irina V. Polozova 143-148