No 4 (2016)

Music Scholarship / Problemy Muzykal'noj Nauki


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Table of Contents

Music Theory

The Concept of Intonation in Polyphonic Music PDF (Russian)
Liudmila P. Kazantseva 6-12
The Ricercar, The Ricercar Style, and The Tonally Stable Fugue PDF (Russian)
Boris D. Napreyev 13-22
The Forms of German Polyphonic Song from the 15th and 16th Centuries PDF (Russian)
Oksana D. Kirichenko 23-29

Musical Culture of the Peoples of the World

The Andalusian Mode PDF (Russian)
Evgeny A. Pinchukov 30-41
Interpretation of the Antique Tradition in the Present-Day Musical Culture of the Pontic Greeks PDF (Russian)
Araxia S. Minasyants 42-47

Music in the System of Culture

Concerning the Issue of Interaction between Personality and the Environment in Shostakovich’s Late Instrumental Concertos PDF (Russian)
Alexander I. Demchenko 48-57
Concerning the Issue of the Birth of a Masterpiece in the Context of an Individual Style. Mahler and Dostoyevsky PDF (Russian)
Natalia V. Korolevskaya 58-65
About the Foundations of Optimism in Sergei Prokofiev’s Music PDF (Russian)
Tatiana V. Safonova, Zinaida V. Fomina 66-71

Musical Cultures of Russia

The Trajectory of Dmitri Shostakovich’s Vocal Music PDF (Russian)
Sergei V. Tarasov 72-78
About Irina Yelcheva’s Contrapuntal Cycle “24 Preludes and Fugues” PDF (Russian)
Larisa L. Krupina 79-84
“Melody. Narrative. Tango and Dance” by Azamat Khasanshin: Between Composition and Improvisation PDF (Russian)
Irina V. Loginova 85-89

International Division

The Regular Laws of the Process of Art History PDF
Alexander I. Demchenko 90-99
The Artistic Revelations of Leo Mazel PDF
Grigory R. Konson 100-116
The Tradition of Polyphonic Singing of the Adyghes PDF
Beslan G. Ashkhotov 117-124
So that the Spark of Mozart Would not be Extinguished: Concerning the Issue of Humanitarization of the Present-Day Educational System PDF
Anna I. Shcherbakova 125-134

Musical Theater

“The Americans” in Russia: the Opera of Yevstigney Fomin and the Ballet of Carlo Canobbio PDF (Russian)
Alexandra E. Maximova 135-141

Musical Genre and Style

Boris Asafiev and the Russian Theory of Musical Genres PDF (Russian)
Alla G. Korobova 142-150
The Synthesis of Ballet and the Suite in the Music of Darius Milhaud PDF (Russian)
Maria S. Kobzeva 151-156

Musical Education

Professional Diseases of Students of Educational Institutions of Culture and the Arts and their Preventive Maintenance by Means of Physical Culture PDF (Russian)
Marina A. Konyayeva 157-162


The Laboratory of Musical Content (Volgograd) is 10 Years Old PDF (Russian)