No 2 (2008)

Music Scholarship / Problemy Muzykal'noj Nauki

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From the Chief Editor

From the Chief Editor PDF (Russian)

New Names

New Names PDF (Russian)

International Division

International Division PDF (Russian)

Let's Welcome the Guests!

Truth, Lies and Ignorance In Contemporary Music-Historical Investigation PDF (Russian)
Michael Beckerman 9-17

Horizonts of Musicology

Aspects of Musical Meaning in the Works of American and Western-European Music Theorists of the 1990–2000s PDF (Russian)
Ildar D. Khannanov 18-28

Musical Cultures of Russia

Genre Definition of the "Victory Verses on the Poltava Celebration" PDF (Russian)
Vera N. Demina 29-36
Manifestations of Mobility of Rhythmic Structure in the Epic Songs of Pomorye PDF (Russian)
Julia I. Kovyrshina 37-44
To the Question of the Origins of the Musical Instruments of Saami PDF (Russian)
Igor V. Solovyov 45-51
Uzlau: the Phenomenon of Musical Performance of the Bashkirs PDF (Russian)
Nelly V. Akhmetzhanova, Galiya R. Bayazitova 52-56
"Kongurai" an Essay in Intonatsia Analysis PDF (Russian)
Ayasmaa D.-B. Mongush 57-60
Musico-Poetic Images in the Adyge Epic Poem Nartu PDF (Russian)
Ljudmila Kh. Shauzukova 61-67
The Sound Image of Piano in the Works of Victor Platonov PDF (Russian)
Svetlana V. Platonova 68-77

Composer and Folklore

Realization of the Mytho-Poetic Spell Universum in the Vocal Cycle of Margarita Kesareva "The Ural Spells" PDF (Russian)
Olga V. Schulikova 78-85
The Use of Folk Style in Three-Stringed Domra Concertos by Russian Composers of the Latter Half of the 20th Century
Yevgeniy A. Volchkov 86-91
On the Role of Timbre Expressivity in Modern Compositions for Domra PDF (Russian)
Yekaterina G. Skriabina 92-95

The Creative Worlds of Musical Compositions

Reflection of Time in the Works of Russian Composers PDF (Russian)
Natella V. Tchakhvadze 96-101
Mussorgsky as a Child Psychologist PDF (Russian)
Iza A. Nemirovskaya 102-110

Poetics and Semantics of the Musical Text

The Characters and Acting Figures of the Piano Pieces for Children by Sophia Gubaidulina PDF (Russian)
Irina R. Basharova 111-117
Contrast in the Titles of Musical Works PDF (Russian)
Ljudmila M. Kudinova 118-122

Musical Text and its Performer

Mozart's Sonatas for Piano and Violin the Mirror of Editions PDF (Russian)
Vyacheslav V. Yesakov 123-130
The Symphony of a Virtuoso: the Fourth Violin Concerto of Henri Vieuxtemps PDF (Russian)
Alexander V. Anisimov 131-137

Musical Culture of the Peoples of the World

Japanese and Russian, Mutual Influences of Two Musical Cultures PDF (Russian)
Risa Moriya 138-144
The Role of Poetry of Luis Carlos Gonzales in the Development of the Genre of Bambuco PDF (Russian)
Victoria Gumennaya 145-149
To the History of Genre Tarona in the System of Maqamat PDF (Russian)
Farogat A. Azizi 150-156

Music of the Verse. A Poetic Page

Music of the Verse. A Poetic Page PDF (Russian)

History of Western Music

The Idea of the Universe in Gaffurio's Treatise De Harmonia in the Aesthetic Context of Renaissance Humanism PDF (Russian)
Elena A. Samarina 159-165
The Role of Rhetoric and Homiletic in the Formation of Metatext of the Protestant Chorale PDF (Russian)
Galina N. Dombrauskene 166-170
The Art Songs of W. A. Mozart: Traditions and Innovations PDF (Russian)
Sergey V. Tarasov 171-176
Aesthetics of Jazz: Pro et Contra PDF (Russian)
Svetlana A. Amirkhanova 177-180

Technique of Composition of the 20th Century

Creative Method of Karlheinz Stockhausen: the Form-Schemes, Formulae and Superformulae in the Composer's Works PDF (Russian)
Natalia V. Sannikhova 181-187
The Music of the Sacred Words: on the Role of the Word in Arvo Part's Tintinnabuli Works PDF (Russian)
Olga V. Osetskaya 188-192
The Method of "Breathing" Mode in a Piano Piece "Chameleon" by Alexander Izosimov PDF (Russian)
Natalia V. Klimova 193-198

Dissertation Councils of Russia

Dissertation Councils of Russia PDF (Russian)

Conferences, Seminars and Symposia

Conferences, Seminars and Symposia PDF (Russian)

News of the International Division

News of the International Division PDF (Russian)

Musical Theater

Dead Souls of Rodion Schchedrin: the Mythopoetics of the Mass Scenes PDF (Russian)
Ljubov A. Serebryakova 210-221

Screen Music. Musical Animation

Musical Animation: Opera and Ballet PDF (Russian)
Svetlana S. Sevastiyanova 222-232
Music of Bizet/Schchedrin in the Animation Film of Harry Bardin (to the Question of Reinterpretation) PDF (Russian)
Paulina S. Volkova 233-238

Art Managment

A Musical Producer in the Show Business and in the Academic Art PDF (Russian)
Oleg V. Belotserkovsky 239-242

Innovation in Musical Education

On A. B. Marx, Nikolas Zaremba and Programmed Teaching PDF (Russian)
Elena E. Polotskaya 243-247
On the Project "Musical Cultures of Finno-Ugric World" PDF (Russian)
Natalia S. Mikhajlova 248-252
Musical Education in the Context of Contemporary Model of Musical Culture PDF (Russian)
Galina R. Tarayeva 253-259


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