No 2 (2016)

Music Scholarship / Problemy Muzykal'noj Nauki


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Table of Contents

Music in the System of Culture

A portrait of the Composer in the Cross-Cultural Space of the 21st Century PDF (Russian)
Galina A. Demeshko 7-14

Musical Cultures of Russia

Romanticism without Boundaries (About the Music of Elena Gokhman) PDF (Russian)
Alexander I. Demchenko 15-24
Realization of Folklore in the Perspective of Postmodernism (on the Material of Russian Music of the Second Half of the 20th Century) PDF (Russian)
Natalia Yu. Zhossan 25-34
The Incantations of the Veps People: Issues of Learning a Musical Language PDF (Russian)
Svetlana V. Kosyreva 35-44

History of Western Music

The Tablature of Adam Ileborg (1448): An Imperfection of the Notation or the Birth of the Stylus Phantasticus? PDF (Russian)
Olga Yu. Kijowski 45-49

Musical Genre and Style

Sergei Rachmaninoff’s Variations for Piano: Concerning the Question of Interpreting the Genre PDF (Russian)
Evgeniya R. Skurko 50-56

International Division

Andrew Thomas – Composer, Pianist, Conductor and Composition Teacher PDF
Andrew Thomas 57-63
Composer Toby Twining Talks about his Microtonal Music PDF
Toby Twining 64-68


About the Untraversed Paths of Musical Scholarship PDF (Russian)
Evgeniya V. Khazdan 69-72

Musical Theater

Concerning the Issue of Intertextuality in Giuseppe Verdi’s Opera “Falstaff” PDF (Russian)
Olga M. Plotnikova 73-78
The Plot of Joseph the Beautiful in the Genre of Ballet: Concerning the Question of Applying the Receptive Approach in Musicology PDF (Russian)
Elena E. Lobzakova 79-85
The Genre-Related and Stylistic Dialogues in the Historical Development of the Musical: From the Late 1960s to the 1990s PDF (Russian)
Elena Yu. Andruschenko 86-91

Musical Culture of the Peoples of the World

What Does the Flamenco Genre Narrate (on the Examples of the Martinete and the Peteneras) PDF (Russian)
Svetlana A. Magon 92-96

The Creative Worlds of Musical Compositions

The Universal Mystery of 1906: the Spiritual Conception of Gustav Mahler’s Eighth Symphony PDF (Russian)
Vladislav E. Devutsky 97-107
Alexander Pushkin’s “Night Zephyr”: The Poetic Image in the Art Songs of Russian Composers PDF (Russian)
Vitaliy A. Shuranov, Inessa N. Mikhalyova 108-115

Musical Performance and Education

Integrative Directions in Studying the Technique of Piano Playing and the Activities of Erwin Bach in Soviet Russia (1934–1947) PDF (Russian)
Nina K. Evdokimova 116-124
The Strategy of Achieving Resonance by Tenor Singers. From the Past to the Present PDF (Russian)
Georgy S. Zaitov 125-131
About the Content-Based Structures and Performance Techniques in Contemporary Music (on the Example of Valeriy Skolbyolkin’s Compositions for Piano) PDF (Russian)
Elena V. Gordeyeva 132-139

Сultural Heritage in Historical Perspective

Sergei Lemeshev. Traits of the Portrait of the Outstanding Singer PDF (Russian)
Sergei V. Tarasov 140-146
Concerning Sergei Prokofiev’s Manner of Working on his Musical Compositions (on the Material of the Composer’s and His Contemporaries’ Statements) PDF (Russian)
Alexandra A. Shuvalova 147-152