No 1 (2012)

Music Scholarship / Problemy Muzykal'noj Nauki

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Table of Contents

Horizonts of Musicology

The Notion of Information and the Informational Approach in M. Aranovsky’s Researches PDF (Russian)
Sergey P. Polozov 6-11
Nikolay Myaskovsky on the Form and the Content in Music (as Exemplified by His Article on Nikolay Medtner) PDF (Russian)
Dmitry B. Gorbatov 12-18
The Phenomenon of “Project” as the Way of Academic Art Music Marketing in Today’s Social and Economical Conditions PDF (Russian)
Aleksandra V. Krylova 19-22

Music in the System of Culture

Metaphors and Vocabulary of Architecture in the Terminology of the 19th Century Musical Forms PDF (Russian)
Irina N. Vanovskaya 23-27
The Essence of Musicality in Interpretations by Masters of Romanticism (an Ontological Aspect) PDF (Russian)
Zinaida V. Fomina 28-31
On Playing Nature of the Scherzi in the 19th Century Symphony: Cultorological and Historical Aspects PDF (Russian)
Olga O. Drannikova 32-36
The Swan Lake of P. I. Tchaikovsky in the Context of Modern Art: Interpretation and Reinterpretation PDF (Russian)
Polina S. Volkova 37-43

Area Studies in Music

On the Centenary of the Opera and Ballet Theater in Yekaterinburg: the Birth of the Theater and the Forgotten Facts PDF (Russian)
Lyudmila K. Shabalina 44-48
The Tambov Region Philharmonic during the 1930s–1940s PDF (Russian)
Yelena O. Kaz’mina 49-53
Folk Songs of the Great Patriotic War: To the Problem of Folklorization PDF (Russian)
Aleksandr S. Yareshko 54-58
Arrangements of Folk Melodies in the Works of Russian Composers PDF (Russian)
Gulnara I. Bekirova 59-62

Musical Poetics, Rhetoric and Semantics

Rhetoric and Musical Form in the Epoch of French Baroque PDF (Russian)
Marina N. Chebourkina 63-67
Internal Modus of Baroque Form: Lad Structuring PDF (Russian)
Vitaly A. Shuranov 68-73
Semantic Figures of Sorrow in the Language of European Music of the 17th-19th Centuries PDF (Russian)
Galina R. Tarayeva 74-79
On Cases of Tonal Semantics in the Music of S. V. Rachmaninoff PDF (Russian)
Olga V. Ghenebart 80-83
Embodiment of Program in the the Miniatures of Russian Composers-Pianists of the 19th Century PDF (Russian)
Yelena M. Shabshayevich 84-87

Musical Text and its Performer

The Problems of Interpretation of Music PDF (Russian)
Alexei V. Gvozdev 88-92
The Functions of Instrumental Idioms in the Forming of Keyboard Music at the Time of Baroque PDF (Russian)
Irina V. Alekseyeva 93-97
Keyboard Urtext as the Ensemble Score in the Practice of Baroque PDF (Russian)
Xenia N. Morein 98-102

History of Western Music

Debatable Questions of Bachiana: “Seventeen Chorales” and “Canonic Variations” PDF (Russian)
Yelena V. Vyazkova 109-114
The Factor of Contrast in Ritornello-Figurative Forms of J. S. Bach PDF (Russian)
Larissa L. Krupina 115-120
On New Form of Polymetry in Ars Subtilior of the Last Quarter of the 14th and Early 15th Centuries (Tractatus figurarum by Phillipus de Caserta) PDF (Russian)
Marina Ye. Ghirfanova 121-125
On Features of Theatricality in the Keyboard Sonatas of J. Haydn PDF (Russian)
Anzhela L. Khokhlova 126-128
The Style Specificity of Masonic Cantatas of W. A. Mozart PDF (Russian)
Marina V. Monakhova 129-135
Antonio Salieri in Vienna: Becoming a Master PDF (Russian)
Viktor V. Khairullayev 136-141
The First Symphony of G. Mahler: Specifics of its Musical and Dramaturgic Concept PDF (Russian)
Vladislav E. Devutsky 142-149

Sacred Music

Russian Orthodox Bells Ringing in the Slavic World: the Concept of Its Meaning PDF (Russian)
Aleksandr S. Yareshko 150-154
The Principle of Simultaneous Contrast in the Russian Sacred Concerto of the 19th and Early 20th Centuries PDF (Russian)
Irina P. Dabayeva 155-159
Teaching Voice by the Neumes in the Church Practice of Byzantium and Mediaeval Rus’: The Questions of History and Methods PDF (Russian)
Izabella I. Krylovskaya 160-164

Creative Profiles of Musicologists

Boleslaw Leopol’dovich Yaworsky (1877–1942) PDF (Russian)
Grigory R. Konson 165-170
Russian Musical Culture and Pedagogy of the First Half of the 19th Century PDF (Russian)
Larissa G. Sukhova 171-175
On Development of Early Musical Education in Russia PDF (Russian)
Aleksandra O. Arakelova 176-181
On the Discipline and Program “Introduction into Musicology” PDF (Russian)
Lyudmila N. Shaimukhametova 182-188

Musical Culture of the Peoples of the World

On Certain Tendency in the Study of Musical Culture of Iran PDF (Russian)
Marina N. Drozhzhina 189-192

International Division

Beethoven and Elliptical Tonality PDF (Russian)
Edward Green 194-204
Rhetorical Figures and the 20the-century Music: a Survey on Micronarrativity PDF (Russian)
Sergio Lanza 205-214
Émergence du temps et du sens chez Mallarmé et Debussy PDF (Russian)
Michel Imberty 215-225

Musical Genre and Style

Orchestral Stylistic of Baroque in the Music of the 20th Century: On the Example of Concerto grosso PDF (Russian)
Irina M. Shabunova 226-230
The Works in the Genre of Cello Concerto of Bohuslav Martinů PDF (Russian)
Anton N. Pavlovsky 231-235
The Function of Verbal Text in the Oratorios of F. Liszt The Legend of St. Elizabeth and Christus PDF (Russian)
Viktoria S. Krivezhenko 236-240
Genre Content and Style of Chants of the Mass after the Second Vatican Council PDF (Russian)
Yulia L. Fidenko 241-244

Contemporary Musical Art

Stationary Theater of Musicals in Contemporary Russia PDF (Russian)
Yelena Yu. Andrushchenko 245-248
On Embodiment of the Principles of “Playing Theater” in the Operas for Children by Composers of the Urals PDF (Russian)
Aleksandr A. Yermakov 249-253
New Choral Music of A. Larin: Impressions and Meditations PDF (Russian)
Yelena Yu. Sokol’nikova 254-257
Musical Pictures on the Motives of Kalevala PDF (Russian)
Tatiana S. Yekimenko 258-262
The Music of Bashkirian Jazz Ensembles “Dustar” and “Orlan” in the Context of the Tendencies of the World Music of the 1980s-1990s PDF (Russian)
Alica R. Sabirova 263-266