The History of the Formation and Development of the Saratov Section of the Imperial Russian Musical Society

Irina V. Polozova


The article is devoted to the functioning of the section of the Imperial Russian Musical Society (IRMS) in the Saratov Gubernia in the second half of the 19th century. On the basis of study of documental materials preserved in the funds of the State Archive of the Saratov Region, as well as the regional literature the history of the formation and development of the art of professional music in Saratov. The author characterizes the general cultural processes typical for the beginning stage of musical education and enlightenment in Russia. Analysis is made of the premises for the development of musical culture in Saratov (the creation of theaters, symphony and chamber orchestras, closed concerts, etc.), which are conditioned by the cultural traditions established in the aristocratic milieu. The traditions of household music-making and the practice of concert performance were actively developed during the period of creation of the Saratov Section of the IRMS. The gubernias witness the formation of the foundations of professional musical education (Musical Classes – the Musical College – the Saratov Conservatory); concert practice acquires a systematic character; the repertoire of performed musical compositions expands and enriches substantially. The significance is shown of the important cultural public figures of the Saratov gubernia actively aiding the establishment of the Saratov Section of the IRMS and, consequently, the development and flourishing of musical culture in the region and in the country, in general (Mikhail Galkin-Vraskoy, Yuri Obolensky, Nikolai Bakhmetev).

Keywords: The Saratov Section of the Imperial Russian Musical Society, provincial musical culture, Mikhail Galkin-Vraskoy, Nikolai Bakhmetev.

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