A History of Introduction of Franz Schubert's Songs in Russia in 1830–1840

Marina G. Dolgushina


The article reviews the process of introduction and
dissemination of the songs of Franz Schubert in Russia.
It shows that popularity of his works in Paris has played
the leading role in «the fashion for Franz Schubert» since
Paris has been a cultural determinant for the Russian society.
The article discusses the problem of Russian translations
of the lyrics and special features of musical images
and topics which Russian audiences liked so much. Author
refers to rare scores, the catalogues of score sellers, handwritten
albums, and publications in Russian and foreign
periodicals of the 1830–40.

Keywords: Schubert's art songs, Schubert in Russia,
musical Romanticism, musical life, musical life of Russia
in the 19th century

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