Remembering the Path of my “Admittance” into the World of Ethnomusicology…

Beslan G. Ashkhotov


The article deals with the author’s brief meeting with Evgeny
Gippius, which had favorable consequences in the former’s
professional formation and choice of priorities in life. He
contemplates on how a short meeting with the outstanding
personality, his works and scholarly methods was conducive for
the understanding of the specificity of the Adygeian (Circassian)
musical and poetical legacy. By following the principles of the
musicologist’s textual analysis, it became possible to establish
the dialogue foundation of many of the genres of Adygeian
folk music that determines the algorithm of the correlation of
two strata of the traditional solo and group singing. This found
expression in the poly-variant of the declamatory-discrete
line of the solo voice with the male choral accompaniment,
which has a continual form of exposition, as a rule. Gippius’
method of analytical notation was also conducive to revealing
in the historical heroic genre of a special dramaturgy of formgeneration,
which represented the through structure of song

Keywords: Evgeny Gippius, method of analytical notation,
Adygeian (Circassian) music of the oral tradition, folk music

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